Auto Arson in a Covid-19 World

March 18, 2021

This program examines some of the vehicle arson trends observed during the course of the 2020 Zombie Apocolypse (Covid pandemic). Visually compelling fire case studies illustrate effective vehicle forensic fire investigation techniques utilizing: photographic evidence, video demonstrations of compartment and component fires.  

This workshop is designed to provide thoughtful understanding among investigation professionals to provide some tools and perspective to cost-effectively utilize experts in the context of investigating a potential vehicle arson claim.

 Check your e-mail for an invitation or contact Central Chapter President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an Invitation. 


Mr. Berasley is a Certified Fire Investigator/Automotive Forensic Specialist with the responsibility of managing and conducting vehicle fire investigations for FCA. His years of experience include owning and operating his own auto repair facilities & collision company where he was directly responsible for mechanical issues on vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment. He works with law firms and the insurance industry, providing additional services in all fire related disciplines including Fire Testing and Auto Related Mechanical & Electrical Studies. 

 Mr. Berasley has conducted over 6,000 hours of investigations for Fire Cause Analysis. In addition, Mr. Berasley has given deposition and trial testimony in both civil and criminal cases. Mr. Berasley has also conducted numerous presentations, training and live burns related to vehicle fire investigations, including an eight hour training course requested by the US Dept. of Transportation & the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Washington, DC. 

 Mr. Berasley is also responsible for all aspects of evidence recovery, handling & storage, and documentation of evidence, including supervising collection and evidence chain of possession in FCA’s facilities in Northern & Southern California & Arizona.


Ulises Castellon, CPCU, RPA has worked as a claims professional for over thirty five years. In 1996, he associated with Fire Cause Analysis, a premier forensic investigation and engineering firm, and is currently Chief Executive Officer. He is also the principal of a consulting business, Claims Analysis. 

 As an insurance consultant and expert witness, Ulises has managed numerous first and third party cases through litigation and has extensive deposition and trial testimony experience. In addition, he regularly teaches courses on issues ranging from Arson and Fraud Investigation to Fair Claims Practices. Ulises is a co-author of Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony, Chapter 6 – Origin and Cause of Fire and is a contributing author of The Institutes Associate In Claims (AIC) 31 Insurance Designation on Investigating Losses Caused by Fire, Lightning, Smoke, and Explosion, The Fire Investigation Team & Investigating a Suspicious Fire Loss. 

 lises is also bilingual and has acted as a media spokesperson for local news and information programs, including Spanish-speaking television.